We base any recommendations we give on information provided by you at an initial fact find meeting.

The investment opportunities available are too numerous to list here and there is not a “one size fits all” solution.

Regency has thrived because it is built on reliability, honesty, & confidentiality.

We combine our uncompromising discretion with proven know-how to guide you towards making the best of being an expat.

Below we list some of the more popular services Regency offers:

Wealth management
To obtain the best returns from your capital it needs to be actively and professionally managed so we have decided to use Morningstar for our portfolio services.

Regular savings
A very tax efficient way to save and invest money from income and build up capital offshore.

There are a variety of different schemes available, regulated and administered from several offshore locations.

Retirement planning
Expatriates by the very nature of their lifestyles, once they have left their home country will frequently have little or no pension provision other than that they plan for themselves.

More and more often we are seeing governments reducing the safety net provided by a State´s Social Security and this will often have an even greater effect on expatriates who may be precluded from any benefits at all from their home country at retirement.

Who amongst us would base their retirement planning on anything from our Governments?

If you have a deferred or frozen pension from a previous employer it is now possible to transfer it to a QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) which will provide a lot more portability and flexibility.

For expatriates this can often be a daunting subject especially if you trying to purchase a property in a country you are not living in.

Consideration has to be taken of the country, currency, flexibility and interest rates, so any solution will vary from client to client.

School fee planning
In many countries free education is not readily available to children of expatriates and also the curriculum may not meet their requirements.

While some will be lucky enough to have the school fees paid for by their employers many are not, and in any event few employers will pay for university education.

Unfortunately, the cost of private and further education continues to increase, so funding could potentially become a problem.

Seek professional advice early and this problem can be overcome.

Regency provides a range of structures, which also include life assurance protection.