Plan To Improve Governence In Vietnam

Posted by on 23 Feb, 2014 in Articles, Investment Vietnam, News | 0 comments

bankerThe Australian embassy and the World Bank Monday launched a new round of a grant program focusing on strengthening good governance in Vietnam.

The Vietnam Blended Learning Program aims to support local institutions in developing knowledge management activities and training programs, which ultimately contribute to more efficient local and central governance, through the use of innovative learning technologies and blended approaches.

This is the seventh time these grants are being offered, with each beneficiary receiving up to US$30,000 for their learning program.

The program has so far provided grants to 18 organizations, enabling 1,278 people to learn.

It focuses on addressing fundamental imbalances in access to information, strengthening civic participation, enhancing accountability, and reducing corruption.

Through the program, Vietnamese learners will be connected to local and international experts and their professional networks to exchange knowledge and information.

The program has also contributed to building research and training capacity at local institutions.

The program will be managed by the Vietnam Development Information Center, a World Bank facility.