"For those living overseas, the difficulties associated with savings and investment decisions can be overwhelming."

The enormous number of possible investments can turn the variety of choice into a problem rather than a benefit. As a result, there is a demand for a private wealth management service that offers seamless advice and support regardless of where you live and work.

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  • US Treasury DeptIcon of PDF151.2 KB
    American expatriates around the world reacted with frustration on Wednesday to the news that the US Treasury Department had formally ruled out a proposal by expatriate groups that would have exempted US expats from their FATCA information reporting obligations in the foreign countries in which they are currently living.
  • When Is A £1m Nil Rate Band Not A £1m Nil Rate BandIcon of PDF319.7 KB
    The new £1m main residence nil rate band sounds pretty straightforward but, as Zurich's Andy Woollen explains, there is more to it than meets the eye...
  • Everyone's Talking About . EquitiesIcon of PDF90.3 KB
    In the third part of our new series looking at the most topical investment themes for the quarter ahead, Professional Adviser asks multi-managers: are equities really attractive, or are they just the only game in town?
  • HSBC The Ten Biggest Risks For 2015Icon of PDF42.1 KB
    It is the start of another New Year and now is a good time to review your investments and portfolio.
  • UK And Ireland Levy Highest IHT In The WorldIcon of PDF59.6 KB
    The UK and Ireland levy the highest rates of inheritance tax in the world, with rates many times higher than the global average, according to a recent study.
  • Australia Consults On Introduction Of Compulsory AnnuitisationIcon of PDF75.6 KB
    Australia is considering whether to force people to convert all or part of their superannuation benefits into retirement products to help manage longevity.
  • Which Stock Market Will Soar NextIcon of PDF153.2 KB
    Before the credit crisis GDP growth meant big returns to investors; China was proof of that. So can you use economics to predict stock market returns?
  • Where Will Investors Find Profit In 2014Icon of PDF123.8 KB

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